i do have a life

He does.

And he gets increasingly irked with people who make the assumption that he can just fit in with their plans.

Blokey arrived home from his (it’s all going wrong again) dialysis session last night slightly annoyed.  Apparently they asked him to go in on Thursday so that they can operate to remove the PD catheter on Friday.

He declined.

Okay, so he probably could have managed it, but he’s a stubborn bugger sometimes, and it is quite late notice for him to take (more) time off work.

Blokey often has to explain to people (including nurses and doctors whom he sees regularly) that, yes, he works full-time.  He’s slightly perturbed by the surprise on their faces when he explains it to them. 

I think he thinks that they think it’s all just a bit of an inconvenience; how dare he work whilst receiving life-saving treatment!




  1. Gregory’s parents call that “hospital land” as in, “they don’t live in the real world, they live in hospital land.”

    what do you mean about how its all going wrong?

  2. Regarding it all going wrong again: He rang me from the hospital last night just to tell me that his line had clogged thirty minutes into his session. He was convinced that it would mean another day in hospital whilst they sorted it out.

    As an aside, I didn’t know what to say to him (what do you say to someone who’s upset in a ‘nothing you actually say is going to make me feel better’ way and is thirty miles away?) and that made him stroppy. I know he just wanted to moan and grumble to someone, but sometimes I wish he’d phone someone else!

    We didn’t talk about it when he got home. I assume the dialysis DID work because he was home a little later than usual and was fairly cheerful (but very tired).

    I like ‘Hospital Land’ so much that I might borrow the term occasionally!


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