cheese and whine

[i posted this on ihd and then decided it should be posted here, too]

I work in education so I’m currently on my summer holidays and am a little over half way through (we only get six weeks in the UK).  Last week I complained about being bored, so now Sod’s Law has come out to play.

Blokey had his tenckhoff (PD) catheter removed on Monday.  He had it done under local anaesthetic (the ‘pull’ technique?).  His neph hadn’t wanted it done under local; he suggested it should be done under general.  I’m assuming they did it under local to save money/a bed.  Blokey thought he would be back at work on Thursday (yesterday).

He wasn’t. 

He has what he calls his ‘Blood Baby’.  It’s a rigid swollen lump on his belly, where the tenckhoff was removed.  It appeared overnight on Monday and is causing him lots of pain.  On Wednesday it was drained and promptly filled back up with blood; they said that they’d drain it again today and wait to see if it fills up whilst he’s on dialysis.  If it doesn’t, it will have healed itself, and if it does they just need to put a stitch in.

So why is it that my husband has just phoned me in tears to tell me that he’s just been seen by a surgeon (one he hasn’t seen before) who’s refusing to do anything (even drain it) for a week to ten days because it’s too dangerous?  That was (apparently) all he said.  No explanation as to why, apart from some mumbled risk of infection.  Of course, it is Friday and the sun is peering round the clouds; there’s a nice golf course nearby … (cynical much?)

So, because they wanted to save money/a bed, they’ve caused Blokey to have to (possibly) take another week off work next week.  He’s in lots of pain.  He’s frightened (what does ‘it’s too dangerous’ even mean?!). 

Oh, and my nice relaxing holiday is screwed.  (Apologies, but I think I’m allowed to feel a tad sorry for myself, although I imagine I’d be more peeved if we had actually decided to go away, which we can’t!)

Oh, and on top of that he’s been waiting to go on dialysis for over an hour and people who’ve been turning up long after him have been put on first.  I was very tempted to ring the dialysis ward and grumble at them, but don’t want to make things worse for him. 

I am SO angry, and SO sad.  And I feel SO helpless.


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