checking up

The Blokey had his tri-monthly (I may have made that up; I have no idea how often he has them) Big Appointment with the nephrologist this week.

He left it safe in the knowledge that he could drop down dead at any time, unless his bones eat themselves all up first.

In ordinary speak, his potassium is still too high at 6.6 (the tippy-top of the acceptable level,where it’s verging on being dangerous is 6), but they’re happy with his diet and think that the Blood Baby is the cause.  He still has the Blood Baby.  I think it’s littler now, though.

His bones really are eating themselves, but his calcium levels are fine. 


In Good News his phosphate levels are perfect-o-ment so he can continue drinking his Coke Zero every couple of days.  Huzzah!

Immediately after his appointment he toddled off to do his dialysis session and they decided to use his fistula for the first time.


I am actually really proud of Blokey.  Before all this kidneykrap began he was petrified of needles.  I remember the first Accident & Emergency trip where they took about half an hour to find a vein in order to take his blood oxygen.  I think that must have been the worst moment of his life (up to that point.)  Then when he went on dialysis he was AdamAnt (sorry, I can’t write that word without thinking of dandy princes) that he was going to keep the line in his chest until he got a transplant.  After having the fistula surgery he started talking about learning to stick himself.  Suddenly he’s coming home and telling me, Oh, by the way, they used my fistula for the first time and it didn’t hurt.

Can we say, Wowsers?!

Of course, it was Raj who hooked him up for his first fistula-use session.  Raj is apparently the Best Sticker, but he only tends to do the first time and then leaves it to the other nurses for the subsequent times.  I’m waiting for the text/phone call which is nothing but screams of pain (he’s at dialysis right now.) It’s going to happen isn’t it?  I mean, nothing (at all) ever goes right for Blokey; I know this because he tells me so every single day.

*still waiting*

I am (literally) touching wood (or close enough; I have no idea what my desk is made of) in the hope that it wards off the evil negative vibes I’ve just allowed into the equation.  I want this to work (and work well) so much.  After the failure of PD it HAS to work, and with as little negativity as possible.

*toddles off to wait whilst playing with a pussy who thinks it’s the pinnacle of fun-ness to chew through electrical cables*



  1. Hi there KatiefingerPoppilicious, I wonder how you are today and how things are treating you. I’ve been really glad to see your happy posts on IHD, though I’m not there much these last few weeks, I’ve still noticed that your man has been happier, and you sound happy… and even RM is happy with his new toilet! But is there any news on the blood baby, and did blokey have his confrontation with the Doctor about all the annoying small things?

    I have been very quiet lately, first I have been marking. I took on extra marking for another University who pay for casual markers, I am marking two loads of “assignment 2″s for two different subjects: about 70 assignments in all, plus my normal marking for my own university brings the total up to over 80 assignments. It has to be done, to pay for the trip overseas. I’m paying the piper. Also I’m giving three lectures, the first was yesterday, and it was my first ever lecture to uni students. I talked about virtual communities and experiencing the internet. It went okay I guess. Now I have two more lectures to prepare. That will be life for me till November I think, though I am trying to stay in touch with people and the buddies. 😉 BUT I have some thoughts in my head about what to do in November, and those thoughts, having them float and grow quietly, is always a good thing, they get time to develop a bit… time , you know, occasionally its useful to wait and see and sit. As getafix once said to Asterix, “Let them stew in their own juice. It brings out the flavour”. In my case, I am letting myself stew and i think I will be very tasty indeed by the end of the month!

    Well that was the plan… but my mother in law has cancer of the bowel, and now she is gravely ill. It reminds me of some comments another penpal made to me, about how dialysis patients need like a case worker, an advocate who can follow them through things and link things together… we needed that for Marge (my MIL). Eventually a social worker came to see her, and I think the social worker may have helped but jeez its hard to work the system out when you’re in it and its all happening at once. I am supposed to be thinking about those kinds of things but instead of being thorough and taking notes like a good phd student, I’m just making it from one deadline to the next! We are waiting for next Wednesday now, she has a big operation, and they don’t know if she will survive. The details of cancer are always totally weird, whenever I’ve been near cancer the details get really strange, this time its all about intestines. So weird, and so scary. Anyway we will see what happens and hope for the best. Sometimes its hard to really believe what’s happening.

    Just wanted to be in touch, and let you know that I often think of you and your lovely sounding blokey and hope that things are going well for you.

  2. Sorry for the delay in replying … the end of last week was busy for me and then I was away with Mumsy visiting nephews in the coldness of south Wales for the weekend.

    I actually have no idea if Blokey mentioned any of those things to his neph. I am a Bad Wife-y for not caring enough to ask! As for his Blood Baby – it is finally (noticably) going down in size. Hopefully that is the cause of his high potassium and when it disappears completely I can stop worrying about him dropping down dead from a sudden heart attack.

    You will notice that I wasn’t worried enough for it to stop me leaving him alone for a whole weekend, mind.

    I’m so sorry about your MiL. How awful. I really hope that the operation goes ok.


    Must dash now; we’re off to the seaside (it’s raining and cold, but who cares?!)

  3. There’s nothing like a well timed *huggle*. Thanks! Hope the seaside was salty as can be!
    Glad the blood baby is going down, body can get too weird hey.

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