a non-adventurous posting

Blokey had his chest line removed on Monday 13th December.  There were no complications and he didn’t even need a teeny-tiny stitch. Huzzah Henry!

I think his Blood Baby has all but buggered off now. 

I am trying to get hold of the Living Donor Woman, but she’s not in her office.  I psych myself up to speak to her on the telly-phone and she’s not bloody there.  Tsk. 

We have a new bathroom; now Blokey will be able to shower with pleasure, free from nasty bacteria that accumulates in old pipes and shower heads.

I might make this blog public … not available knowingly to friends and family, but public in the kidney failure/dialysis community.  I shan’t be like those other people who plead for attention though.


Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a slightly merrier new year! 



One comment

  1. And merry Christmas to you and Blokey too! Yes, I agree about doing your thing with the blog now. Its December, I am scheduled to stop the “data collection” phase in January. I will write a proper thank you soon.

    I have plans to make a boiled christmas pudding tonight. They are meant to sit 6 months or something. Do you think two nights is long enough to let mine sit before we crack it open? I do. I’m using my grandmother’s recipe. I reckon it’ll be a cracker. I’m adding walnuts instead of some of the fruit. It’ll still be full of dates and mixed fruit. But also walnuts. MMmm. Do you like xmas pudding?

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