a miniature update

I do need to write ‘part the second’ but perhaps it’s more important that you get an update. Plus, I really don’t have the energy to get it all down.


I am in discomfort and pain.  My BIG (not SO big, but bigger than the three little ones where they put the cameras through) scar is scaring me.  I have visions of it bursting open and my insides bursting out.  It appears to be healing okay, but I really wish the pain would f>ck off.  It’s ridiculous; the pain was the one thing I barely even considered.  I can only assume that my mind focused on the ‘little things’ in an effort to stop me backing out. I tire easily but often forget that I shouldn’t bend down (until it’s too late *ouch*!)


He’s bloated still from all the fluid they IV’d into him in hospital.  He seems to be peeing, but he’s convinced he isn’t peeing enough (although he thinks he’s peeing more than yesterday!)  His nephrologist is fairly pleased with the progression so we’re hanging onto that.  Our Kidney MUST be working or Blokey would be feeling lethargic and ill with toxin build up.  His creatinine (for those in the know) is higher than they would like, but it isn’t high enough for it to be a worry.

My belly hurts … time to find a more comfortable position.




  1. Big sympathy for the pain. It is proof of how fabulous you are, that you really did it rather than just thinking about it and then backing out or something. Instead, you went ahead, and didn’t even think of the pain (honk! I love it!) This too will end, this pain business. Meanwhile, stop bending over. What about laying around on your back doing something lethargic? I know it gets boring after awhile. Knitting? Reading? Telly?

  2. I somehow missed this little update… I’m sorry the pain isn’t going away as soon as you’d like it. 😦 Hopefully it won’t be long before it’s just a fuzzy memory.
    I’m glad to hear all seems well otherwise! 🙂

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