goodbye, christmas

Christmas was a bundle of joy this year.

Or, it would have been had my MiL not grumbled copiously about dinner.  Oh, I didn’t cook it … we went to the pub.  Unfortunately we went to a different pub to the one we normally go to, at the request of my MiL.  Ergo, it’s her own fault that she had to grumble and next  year I’ll put my foot down and insist on going to the place we know and love.

But it really was a bundle of joy.  Blokey is still a little iffy with regards drinking and was worried about the sudden spike, and subsequent dip, of his creatinine levels.  We didn’t have to think about fitting everything in around haemoD and he didn’t actually have to limit his fluid intake.  Plus, he could eat what he wanted!  Wowsers!

I did miss the present from the dialysis unit though.


Interestingly, Blokey is becoming more flippant with regards his fluid intake.  Before the transplant he was completely AdamAnt that he’d have no issues with drinking and it would be a breeze!  He was wrong (he often is) and it’s only in the last week or so that he’s been drinking (what I would term as) normal amounts.  Yesterday we had his post-Christmas clinic and he’s been waiting for a phone call all day.  It’s a phone call which hasn’t materialised and for that we are grateful; it means there’s been no sudden spikes or dips, and no helter-skelter results.  Phew!  He does still have a large (prominant) fluid collection but he was assertive yesterday and Mr. Neph, Phwoar is going to speak to the surgeon about what to do next.

His next clinic isn’t until the eleventh.  He’s back with the local anti-coagulation clinic for his warfarin, and on Tuesday he’ll be returning to work.

Life is beginning to resemble ‘normal’ once again (with the added bonus that ‘normal’ doesn’t involve haemoD three evenings a week!)


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