back to work

Blokey returned to work on the 3rd of January (Day 77 and still NO DIALYSIS!!!)

I am pleased to report that he hasn’t been feeling really tired.  I’m not sure if he is and it’s being masked by the fact he’s still playing his online Star Wars for Grown Men game, or he really isn’t. I’m going with the latter because it’s more brilliant.

I thought that normality post-transplant might involve a little more help around the house, but it appears I was wrong.  There are times now when I want to take him by the shoulders and shake him till he bursts whilst screaming, Why won’t you help meeeee?, but the feeling is fleeting and I just plod on.  This is helped by the fact that I started my part-time three-day-a-week lowly-paid job this week too and so I’m happy to do what I do as way of balancing everything out.

And because I still have a need to be in control.


Me?  I’m fine, thanks for asking.  I even got groovy with some Just Dance 2 on the Wii this morning for the first time post-surgery.  Wow, I am SO unfit right now …

(Day 79 and still NO DIALYSIS!!!)



  1. I LOVE it. We’ve had it nearly two years now and I go through phases with the games I play on it. I was addicted to Wii Fit Plus for a long time, then Just Dance, then Zumba and now I can see me getting into a Just Dance 2 phase. Get one!!

  2. Oh! They have Zumba! I think that just sealed it for me! I’ve been wanting to do that but I’m too self-conscious to take a class with others there… (at least until I get in better shape so I’m not that red-faced woman breathing like a steam engine in the back of the room unable to keep up)

    I will have to try to convince K now!


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