… is it because i lied when i was seventeen?

Yesterday was the four month anniversary of NO DIALYSIS!!!  Time is whipping by at an extortionate rate and we’re still waiting for an appointment to come through for the hernia operation.  Blokey has suggested dates; we just need the surgeon to confirm one of them.

The operation will involve a four or five day stay in hospital and there’s only a 30-40% chance that it will be successful.  If it happens again the surgeons will probably refuse to operate again because the chances of it happening again will then be even higher.  To say that Blokey is a tad irked would be a very big understatement.  If they hadn’t insisted it was just a collection of fluid this could have been rectified sooner, the tear wouldn’t have become as large as the incision made to insert Our Kidney and Blokey would be enjoying life a little more.

Yes, we shouldn’t grumble.  He’s alive, Our Kidney is behaving marvellously and there are many oodles of billions of folk in the world who have shittier lives than Blokey.  But this is OUR life, and we expected it (if the transplant was successful) to be an even better life that it currently is.

I am not a haemoD widow anymore … I am simply a Star Wars: Republic widow instead.  He’s still playing it; shouldn’t he be a little bored by now or do men not get bored of their online games?


(Day 124, NO DIALYSIS!!!)


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