Things have been plodding along quite nicely in the last few weeks, giving me nothing to snarl and whinge about. Oh, it has been hot the last few days (it makes a change from rain, but I would rather be too cold than too hot) which has resulted in me nagging Blokey about his fluid intake, or lack thereof.  He insists that he’s drinking enough, I don’t think he is … Still, his funeral, eh?  That’s the only way I can look at it; I can’t force him to do anything so any consequences will be his fault.  We’ve even managed a long weekend away on the south coast with the only worry being whether or not we packed those damn tablets.

We have a new monster bundle of fun fur.  He’s teeny (twelve weeks) and quite scratchy (what are these? claws? oooh, do they make you yelp?  i like-y making you yelp!) and so now I’m convinced that at Blokey’s next Hospital appointment (they offered him two months, he respectfully declined and asked for a month … two months with no Hospital? Yikes!) they’ll discover he has nasty cat disease in his blood.

I think I’m wary about writing here when things are going well.  I do have a tendancy to tempt Fate (as proven by my last two posts) and I’d rather not be the reason Blokey starts having any issues.  But – having said that – I do want to let you in on a little secret.  I’m amazed (truly amazed) that the transplant worked.  I gave Blokey Our Kidney even though I was sure something would go wrong.  I see and read of so many donors (oh, and do I have an irky post lined up about non-directed altruistic donors, but that’s by-the-by and won’t be written until I don’t sound like a complete b!tch) who are full of positivity and yay! look at me, I’m so wonderful, everything is going to be brill! vibes, whilst I went into it quite negatively. That’s how sure I was about Blokey’s Fate.  And yet, I still did it … Go Me!?

Of course, being a glass half-empty kind of human being does tend to help somewhat in these situations.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NHS for the free sunscreen lotion.  I ♥ you, NHS.

(Day 282, NO DIALYSIS!!!)



  1. Top rate (free) healthcare AND free sunscreen? Wow. I seriously have to find a way to move over there. K doesn’t have health insurance right now and I’m going to worry myself to death if he’s unable to obtain it soon! (His employer has had him hired as a seasonal worker since last September and they don’t have to provide benefits – including health insurance – to a seasonal employee. And yes. They are total jerks and I wish he could find another job.) I’m convinced that he will become deathly ill and we’ll lose everything trying to pay his medical bills. (and no – this is not at all an exaggeration. This could easily happen.)
    But! I digress…
    I’m so glad to hear that things are still going well! I wonder if you could entice the Blokey to drink more fluids if you make some fresh lemonade or limeade or something he really enjoys. Just a thought. It’s what I would try. 😉

    1. Haha … I don’t think the healthcare is quite ‘top rate’ but I am so incredibly grateful for the NHS. I have heard the horror stories of folks on your side of the pond losing everything due to chronic illness and it’s scary stuff.

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