nothing to see here

Not literally, silly.

Blokey’s post-transplant clinic appointment last Wednesday went so smoothly that they told him they don’t want to see his ugly mug again till the 4th October.  This is Good News.  However, the idea of having no check-up in the meantime fills me with dread, because I’m a worrier and the glass is only ever half-empty.  I know he’ll be fine but I will always worry.  I was programmed for it at birth.

I’m feeling redundant again … anybody need a part of my liver?

(Day 301, NO DIALYSIS!!!)


One comment

  1. Hullo there! Isn’t this good news! Don’t worry about worrying, it’s a good thing to be able to do well, when you need it, and in the meantime you can just be keeping your hand in. So very pleased to hear all is going so smoothly at your place. (love, natnnnat)

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