getting jiggy with it

The best thing about Blokey having Our Kidney is that we have sex.

In fact, we’ve had more sex in the last few months than we had in the first five years of marriage.  CKD can play havoc with the libido of some folk, Blokey included.  I wasn’t so fussed; I like and enjoy sex (Blokey’s nickname for me when we first met was Insatiable), but my relationship with him isn’t defined by sex alone. Plus, we both have (magical) fingers.

I just felt the need to share that with you.

(Day 332, NO DIALYSIS!!!)



  1. *grins* I love posts like these. I’m really pleased to read a happy post, from a happy writer.

    Day 342 now. Wow. Wow and wow. Is it really almost your first anniversary? Gosh.

    May you be festooned with plenty of jiggly ex’s in 13 days on said anniversary 😉

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