and the results are in …

I wrote the following back on the 6th January. I didn’t post it, not because I didn’t want to but because I thought I had.

“Yesterday I finally received the results of my Hospital check-up (only two months and a couple of days after the Event itself.)  I am pleased to report that having Googled all the results I *think* I’m pretty much the perfect specimen of Human Being-ness, with my remaining kidney behaving as it should.

*takes a[-nother] bow*

(Day 346, NO DIALYSIS!!!)”

I *think* that I toddled off to check that my results were good before I posted what they were and looked a complete plonker when some wise person pointed out that actually they were a tad skewy.

These were my results:

Blood Pressure 120/76
MSU – normal
Hb 12.1g/dl
WBC 7.0
Plt 209
Na 140mmol/l
K 4.7mmol/l
ACR <0.6mg/mmol
Urea 5.3mmol/l
Creatinine 76umol/l (equates to 0.86 in AmeriSpeak)
eGFR 79mis/min

I was a trifle worried about the eGFR but it transpires that I don’t really need to be.  My creatinine is near perfect (I think) and they tend to go by this more (I think, again … I’m full of thinking today).

I go back for the second anniversary in October and then I’ll just have to pop to my GP and request renal function tests for years three and four.  Year five I’ll be back at Hospital to see the living donor team again.  I have no idea what happens at year 6 …

I also have no idea what most of those results above mean, but hey-ho.  Life goes on.

We’ve been away this weekend, sampling the delights of the Norfolk coastline and the joy (ha) of spending time together. I realised that I still worry about Blokey’s peeing ability.  I went copious amounts of time and he went once (during the day). I expect I’ll always worry about it, which is just another sign that we’ll never be completely free of this; we’ll always be expecting the worst to happen because one day it will happen.  We can’t escape that. But won’t it be lovely if it doesn’t happen for thirty years and by the time it does happen some new-fangled research has made life with no kidney function to be a doddle?

*fingers very crossed*

(Day 474, NO DIALYSIS!!!)



  1. Hello there! Good to hear things are going so well. Probably enjoying time in Norfolk is a better use of one’s time than worrying about wee. But since you do have wee-related thoughts, see if you can make him drink more water, e.g. by handing him water from time to time. I have started serving water with tea (evening meal, dinner,whatever you call it) as a sneaky way of hydrating my father in law who is 83 and lives with us and seems never to drink water otherwise. Transplant recipients usually don’t drink enough do they, after years of frugality in the water-front.

    Then again, I wee a lot more than Gregory, but he wees better than me, my wees are a pathetic affair, while his are a torrent. So if you are paying attention to your man’s wee, see if you can hear the quality of the wee i.e. quantity coming out at a given time, and how well it starts. Not that any of that information would necessarily mean anything, but you might find it satisfying.

    1. Oh, this made me laugh. When he does wee it is impressive. I’m just very aware that it was also very torrential when he began haemoD, and it continued to be impressive untl the pee suddenly completely stopped three months later. I’m also always on the lookout for froth, but then I’ve started looking at my own wee in case it’s frothy too! Water is a no-go because he won’t drink it; I do supply him with endless cups of tea though … *grin* (I’m just a natural born worrier …)

      [How is G? I hope the two of you are coping with everything life is choosing to send in your direction right now.]

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