another clinic done & dusted

Blokey’s transplant clinic is ridiculous really.  He goes in, has his weight measured and his blood pressure taken, sees whichever nephrologist gets hold of his folder first, and then he tootles off to have his blood taken.  Doesn’t this seem odd?  It means that we spend two days waiting anxiously for *that* phone call, the phone call which says, Come back! Hospital is worried about your results!  His appointments are always on a Wednesday and we can never truly breathe until it gets to Saturday and we’re phone call free.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to have his bloods done first (either the day before, or a week earlier, maybe at the GPs) so that the results can be discussed?

Oh well.

He had an appointment on Wednesday.  We haven’t heard anything bad so we assume all is well.  He goes back in ten weeks.

*breathing sighs of relief*

(Day 480, NO DIALYSIS!!!)



  1. Next time, ask if they can write you a blood form, to get his bloods done at a local pathology joint (lab) the day before. Gregory does that sometimes, and other times, they take his blood, then make him wait about four hours at the hospital till the results come in, which is a bore. I actually managed to get his GP to write a blood form which we took to the pathology place down the street and it set up a standing order for the full 36 blood tests, every month he can just go in. Not that he does, he’s not as interested in his bloods as I am.

  2. I wonder if you could ask them to call you either way with the results… It seems to me that it would make me feel better if I knew for sure that all was well and not just presume that it was because you didn’t hear otherwise.

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