my little family

Katiefinger … also known as Elizabeth and Poppylicious (depending on circumstances and secretiveness!). Wife.  Mid(to late)-thirties.  QbUT – QualifiedbutUnemployedTeacher, but now working in Further Education.  Prone to anxiety and worrisomeness.  Likely to make snide remarks in moments of frustration and then deeply regret them.  Went through copious amounts of pain on 18th October 2011. You can also find me HERE.

Blokey … also known as Paul. Husband.  Mid-thirties.  Computer Expert and sci-fi nerd.  On haemoD since June 2009.  Prone to whining! Received Our Kidney on 18th October 2011.

Tabatha … Also known as Smelly-Bum, Tabatha-Cat and Tabz.  Adopted us from Wood Green, July 2005.  Enjoys hissing at Mog and pooing on grass. Rest in Peace, Tabz (passed away 30th March 2011) …

Mog … Also known as The Mogster, Moggly and Moggly-Moo-Moo.  Adopted us from Wood Green, July 2010. Loves teasing Dora and eating electrical cables. Missing since 15th April 2012, enjoy your adventure, Baby Boy.

Dora … also known as Dora-Do-Da, ‘Splorer, Dors (are you coming in, Dors or are you going out, Dors?) and Chatty Bitch. Adopted us from Wood Green, May 2011. Loves telling us about her day, sniffing Mog’s bum and chasing shadows.

Qyzen (the Qytten) … also known as Monster and Squeaky. Adopted us from Wood Green, July 2012. Loves being a maniac.


  1. Poppy: I don’t know why I had not seen your blog before this. I have truly enjoyed reading it and “getting to know” you a little better. Though you claim to be socially inept, you sure know how to bring a smile to a lot of folks. Congrats on the new job and Bless you for being a living donor and I’m so proud of you.

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